1. I had your page open and my husband from across the room says: Maybe THAT’s what my problem is lately! I agree – it’s that time of year..the less daytime hours gets me the most I think, definitely helps the nap til April..

  2. I don’t know how you live in such a cold climate, but even in warmer Arkansas my husband sees a dramatic increase in depressed patients on his psychiatric unit during January & February.

    I fight the winter blues by running. I have to run. I get really, really grumpy if I can’t run.

  3. January is a tough month for me because it’s summer here in South Africa. We take 3 weeks of vacation in December (the whole country does, it’s crazy). Now, I have returned to work, the weather is still gorgeous and my baby is stuck at school and me stuck in the office, when all I want to do is play outside with her! What I do love about Jan is all the new resolutions I make, like the SITS course. I am enjoying so much. Especially finding new blogs, like yours!

  4. (SAD)ly, sunlight seems to be the best cure:) Though, having gorwn up in an area without distinct four seasons , I always felt like I was missing out on something. I do love winter, I just wish I could avoid the blues a bit better! Thanks for stopping by!

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