Sign Number 6,751 That School Needs to Start Soon:

The boys are beginning to get extremely possessive of Legos. It is to the point where I would like to go in their rooms in the middle of the night, break all of their creations and find their secret stashes of valuable pieces and put them in my underwear drawer…where I keep my girl stuff…eeew.

I really don’t care that some of those sets were purchased with their “own” money. Most of that “own” money, is my “own” money, which, much like the children’s money, was not earned by me. Which technically makes all of the Legos the sole property of the Rev.

Of course, in our home, Legos are not for building. They are for battling. They battle against each other. They often cause each other to cry. The oldest boy child often has a far superior army, and he tends to make up battle rules as he goes, along with having multiple invisible weapons on his battleships. The middle boy child has been known to “disarm” these ships at night, by shutting down all of the computer security systems and removing a crucial Lego brick. Of course, oldest boy child denies that such modifications are possible, leading middle boy child to cry and quit. This somehow leads to the two youngest boy children to screech and whine and leaves me threatening total Lego annihilation!

Of course, I took all the Legos away once…huge mistake. Four boys without Legos are forced to only watch TV or play video games, becasue nothing else in the whole wide world is fun and everything else is boring. And some boys never, ever, ever share, and life is so incredibly tough, perhaps they would prefer to walk to school uphill both ways because that would make life oh so much easier.

This is why I drink a glass of wine every night. In case you wondered.

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Written by Dakotapam
I'm a Lutheran pastor's wife and mom to six kids, including young adult sons down to 8-year old twin daughters. My life is sometimes normal, and sometimes crazy; but through it all, I know that I am blessed! Some people say that I have my hands full, I prefer to call it living life with both hands full, and I love it!