1. Sue

    When my boys were little, and it had been a horrific day, I would go into their rooms after they were asleep and marvel how such an angelic-looking child could have been such a monster! I would even take their pictures, to have reminders of how sweet they looked! When my older boy was in trouble, my younger boy would all but hold up a sign saying “see how good I am?” He could not be sweet or good enough if his brother was in trouble. Had I not been so mad at his brother, it would have been funny. My Mom said my brothers and I did that, too. My older son, if I was yelling at him (did I really do that?), would look up at me (and that was a LONG time ago as he passed me up at age 11) and say “Mom, I love you”. That certainly deflated any anger I had!

    What sweet moments you had! That’s what keeps us going! May the Lord bless you with patience!

  2. Life is hectic and I try to find the silver lining in the moments I can. I just try to keep in mind that “this too shall pass!” Love your attitude. You’re a rock star Mom!

  3. What a sweet story, thanks for sharing it! My son who is 3 never falls asleep in my arms either, but if he did I know it would be a moment GOD knew I needed! My silver lining this week was in regards to my MIL. I realized that all this time I have been desperately seeking the mother I wanted for me (hence was hoping my MIL could be that), that GOD wanted me to work on the Mother he gave me! And giving me the gift of motherhood opened that door for myself and my Mother, 3 years ago. So this week my silver lining was thanking GOD for showing that to me!

    • God’s plans are always better than our plans! Sometimes I wish he was a bit more straightforward in showing us the plans, but I think our blindness gets in the way as well. Thank you for sharing.

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