How Your Social Media Accounts affect Your Job Search

You are ready to start seriously searching for a job. Your resume is polished, you’ve picked out a cute interview outfit, and you’ve begun scouring job listings. But are you truly job search ready? I’m going to share some tips today to make sure that your social media accounts are job search ready.

Social media Job Hunt

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Mom Corps YOU. I received a free trial to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

I have been learning so much over the last month with my membership with Mom Corps YOU. This subscription website offers two live webinars a week to help women to own their life and careers. My schedule does not always work with the live webinar schedule, thankfully,  Mom Corps YOU keeps the webinars live on the website for a full month. This is perfect for me, as I love to listen to podcasts and webinars in the background as I work throughout the day.

I am social media savvy. I keep up on trends and platforms even if I don'[t participate in all of them as much as I should (cough, cough, google+).

When I began my job search, I did pay some special attention to my social media accounts (particularly Facebook). I wanted to make sure that my online “face” was the same face that I wanted to show a potential employer. In general, my Facebook account is always clean, but I did go in and fix my privacy settings, made sure I could control photos that tagged me, and made sure that my overall public tone was upbeat, positive, and professional.

I also made sure that my blog reflected me in a positive manner as well. I googled my name to make sure nothing offensive was found. I was, and am, very, very careful about how I conducted myself online. Everyone on social media, not just job-seekers should be vigilant online.

When I was job searching I did ignore one of the easiest social media tools available: LinkedIn.

I had a LinkedIn account, but I had not really completed my profile, and I did not have a profile photo. Over the course of the past year I have slowly fleshed out my LinkedIn profile, but this week’s webninar: “#JobSearch – Social Media Strategies for Your Next Career”, really inspired me to spend some quality time on my LinkedIn profile.

I am not in job search mode. Not even close. BUT I am at the point in my career where I am working hard on making connections and I am trying to learn all that I can about my new career. LinkedIn is an excellent social tool for making connections.

For those who are job searching, and are not sure why to optimize social media for job searching, here are some quick facts that I learned:

Why Social Media Matters

92% of employers report using social media for recruiting. This means two things, they want to find you on social media, and they want to know that you have the skills to use online tools. This also means that they will be making judgements on what they find. Does your Facebook profile make you look like a party animal? Do you have an actual photo of yourself? Does the information that you convey online match what you have recorded on your resume?

4 Ways To Kick Up Your Job Search A Notch With Social Media

Social media can take networking to the next level. Social media allows you to connect with almost anyone, making it easier to find job opportunities.

Social Media can help your job search when you consider the statistic that 70% of jobs are not published. You can find job leads on twitter (Search using hash tags), you can find leads by following companies and joining groups that fit your career aspirations on LinkedIn.

Tips for Optimizing LinkedIn Profile for Job Search:

  • Complete 100% of your profile. (This can take a long time to do well, chip away at it bit by bit, consider LinkedIn your online resume)
  • Include a Professional Photo (This is not the social media site to use your cat as your profile picture, a professional head shot is best, but a nice, close cropped recent head shot is fine. Anything is better than the default silhouette.)
  • Secure Recommendations and Endorsements. (As a long-time stay at home mom and freelancer, this is the weakest part of my profile. . .if you have worked with me, please leave and endorsement. If I owe you one as well, let me know!)
  • Optimize Your Profile with Key Words and Skills.
  • Personalize and Publicize Your LinkedIn URL. There are a million Pam Thompsons (google it!) but there is only one Dakotapam. I have chosen that as my consistent brand across the internet, and my LinkedIn URL reflects that :
  • Join Relevant Industry Groups> I have learned a lot by joining LinkedIn groups for other non-profit fundraisers and philanthropies. I have also made connections and have a good, safe, place to ask questions.
  • Follow Companies of Interest.
  • Include Professional and Volunteer Associations. With my limited work experience, my volunteer work was key in my landing a job, remember these associations when filling your LinkedIn profile as well.
  • Review Your Settings and Accept InMail. In general it is not spammy, and it has been a good way for me to make new connections.
  • Search For Job Postings. You never know, you just may find your dream job on social media!

Do you have other questions regarding your job search? Mom Corps You offers a live chat feature. Included in the cost of your membership (just $19.99 a month, you have access to great tools (such as advice from financial guru Jean Chatsky on how to cut fixed expenses, hire a financial adviser,  and  choose a credit card., the helpful webinars, and live chat with Mom Corps recruiters!) I find myself referring to the Mom Corps YOU site at least once a day as I learn to better manage my worklife as well as my homelife.

Chime in! How have you optimized your social media brand for job search? Share your tips in the comments!

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Written by Dakotapam
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