November always reminds me that some months mean that there is no such thing as work-life balance.

Some months offer a lot more balance. In December I cash in much of the comp time I earn in November. With two major fundraisers within two weeks of each other, I long for November 30.

But, through all of the busniness, I manage to keep some semblance of order at home. Something does suffer. . . I’ve only made a handful of visits to the gym. BUT, though I am busy at work, and have done some of my side work of speaking and consulting, I still want to be available for my family.

So that means, that during a busy time, I turn down some of the “fun” things,. I don’t get to the gym. Coffee with friends is rare. I don’t even make it to chapel at the girls’ school every week.

BUT, what I do do is have dinner with my family. Some of it comes out of a slow cooker. Some is picked up from a pizza place on my way home. . . but we dine together.

I do make an effort to be there for bedtime for the littles. I can’t always be there, But I really try to be there.

No, There is no balance. I miss bedtime more than I want to. Dinner is cooked by others more than I want it to be. This is not ideal.

But I also know that this is temporary. If every month was November, I would have to be done. But after November comes sweet, beautiful, December. December with Advent. December with baking cookies and wrapping gifts. December with  sleeping in with kiddos with days off of school. December with decadent foods and dancing around our Christmas tree. . December with family movie nights and popcorn for dinner.

Yes, I love my job. But I am so thankful that November only comes once a year.

Work-Life Balance Hacks

IMG_0394 One of the biggest struggles for working moms is finding a way to “do it all” or to have it all. Motherhood is already fraught with guilt, but when you add a career to the mix, the guilt does not only double. . .it triples.

I found this transition particularly difficult as I had spent so much time out of the career zone. In my sixteen years as a stay at home mom, I had plenty of jobs outside and inside the home, but none were careers. None of those jobs demanded that the lines between home life and work life would be so blurred as a career would.

My career assumes a traditional forty-hour workweek. I also have a monthly evening meeting, various fundraising events that happen within and outside of my “work hours”, occasional travel and various miscellaneous activities. While I may leave my office at 5 PM, my mind is constantly on my job.

Add into the equation the fact that I have six children and a husband who also juggles a busy career with multiple non-traditional commitments. Continue reading “Work-Life Balance Hacks”