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Jan 04 2014

Unexpected Quiet

I’ll tell you the definition of irony. Irony is being wide awake at 7 am on the first Saturday in a long time in which there is nothing planned but laundry. Today has a vacation-like feel. Christmas break was over on Thursday which gave me a delightful 2 day work-week. We have some sketchy weather …

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Sep 02 2011

Mommy Wars and Megyn Kelly?

So, last night I was watching TV with the Rev. We usually watch movies (usually movies that I want to watch, which may or may not be a source of marital tension), but our DVR is currently empty of anything I wanted to watch. So I sat back and read and let the Rev. channel …

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Aug 12 2011

Simpatico Nice Coffee

This morning, my first cup of coffee was nice. It was roasted by a nice person. And the coffee was grown by nice people. You ALL know that I love coffee. I drink a lot of coffee. You could say that coffee is my comfort food. So, imagine the smile I cracked when I saw …

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Jul 15 2011

If You Give a Mom Some Coffee

If you give a mom some coffee, she’ll probably want some cream and sugar to go with it. So she’ll go to the refrigerator and find the last of the half and half (and say a short prayer that it is still fresh). Then she will open the sugar bowl and see that it is …

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