Getting Ready for Halloween; Costume Supercenter Review six kids ready for Halloween is tough.

October is a super busy month, full of Halloween parties for the Cub Scouts, groups of friends and sports teams. And then there is the Trick or Treating.

We end up having to plan in advance and then allow for changes of mind. While we’ve been known to have William dress up as Mario (of Nintendo fame) for the Cub Scout party, he may end up Trick or Treating as an Army guy, or a zombie. I’ve learned to keep a pretty well stocked costume trunk, and I’ve learned to be ready to make quick alterations.

I was delighted then, when Costume Supercenter agreed to allow me to review one of their costumes.

I sat down with Andrew to select a costume. He is the oldest, and just went through a HUGE growth spurt, so none of our current options will fit him. (he’s also the pickiest!).

He chose this really cool Kings Robe-Adult Costume. It is a very nice crushed velvet robe with a faux fur collar and clasp at the neck. I think it would work well as his intended costume as the “King of Town” from his current obsession, Homestar Runner, or it could just as easily work as a Rennaisance King, or a Narnia character.

The robe is very well sized for an adult. Andrew is about 5’9 and the robe brushes the ground, so a taller man could still pull off this same costume.

I was impressed by the quality of the costume. It arrived quickly after ordering it and it was well packaged. It does not feel “cheap” and I am sure that it will reside in our costume chest for quite a few years to come.

Costume Supercenter has an enormous selection of costumes. The website it well organized and you can search according to age and gender, such as men’s costumes or category of costume, such as Renaissance costumes. Shipping is currently free, which is always a plus!

I currently have my eyes on some twin themed costumes for the girls. I cannot decide between Thing One and Thing Two, or Peas in pods. Does anyone else have ideas on some cute baby twin costume ideas?

How to be a better mother.

It's Good to be Queen
even the Queen makes mistakes...right?

I bet that you wish becoming better at motherhood was as easy as reading a blog post.

I do too.

Sadly, our sinful nature does not allow us to to be the moms we envision. You know what I’m talking about. I envision myself as a sort of June Cleaver in 2010. (If June Cleaver would wear Birkenstocks, and ditch the pearls.)

I an ideal world my house would be clean and I would not yell. Not only would I serve well balanced, nutritious meals; they would taste good and the kids would like them. My children would not fight. My dog would put himself in the kennel every night. My babies would sleep through the night.

Instead, I yell. My house is never 100% clean. I serve healthy food but it does not always go over well. My children fight like it is their job. Not even my dog listens to me. And lastly, those babies do not and will not sleep through the night.

Does this make me a bad mom?

Well, to see it in black and white, the answer is a  resounding yes. I am unable to achieve even a portion of what the “good wife” in Proverbs 31 seems to get done in a day. When I examine myself I am lazy and flawed.

Do you want to know the good news?

I don’t have to be a perfect mother. (yep…that’s right…)

In spite of (all of my many) imperfections, I have a Heavenly Father who loves me (and you!) so much that he gave up His (very perfect) Son so that all of our imperfections (we call them sin around here) can be forgiven!

Each day is new.

Each morning I can wake up and try (and fail) again.

I had a dear friend (and much better mother than me) post a simple prayer on my Facebook page this morning. She said “Lord, please help me to be a better mom today.” I know that God answers prayer. I see answers to my prayers all around me every day.

So, thanks Lisa, for reminding me of the very best way to become a better mother…start with prayer and ask for help!