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Jul 03 2012

How To Set Up Your Campsite

As you might know, @essieburns from The Mommy Diaries and I have taken our families and our blogs on the road to the beautiful Harbor town of Grand Marais, MN. Essie and I have not been together face to face in a very long (too long) time. We used to live 27 miles from each …

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Feb 12 2012

Dive, and Food and Waste and What About Me?

I found myself with a few idle hours this afternoon. A true Sabbath rest, or as close as a mom to 6 gets. So I settled into my favorite recliner and decided to watch a movie. Documentaries are my guilty pleasure. Dakotapastor and the Dakotakids don’t care for them. I’m a closet anthropologist, so I …

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Nov 20 2011

How To Cook a Stress Free Thanksgiving Meal

I know how it is. You picture the Thanksgiving meal worthy of a spread in a magazine, but when Thanksgiving Thursday comes around, you are desperately thawing a frozen turkey and sending your husband out to the store for more butter. Meanwhile, your toddler is eating the fake fruit in your cornucopia centerpiece and  the dog just ran away …

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Aug 30 2011

The Once a Week Lunchbox

  Once upon a time, when I had just one or two children, I was a big fan of Once a Month Cooking. Now that I have six kids, I should be a bigger fan, but to be honest, it is the daily and weekly meal planning that helps keep me sane. I love to …

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