My Take on Weight Loss . . . or Not

food and fitness goals It is a new year, and the minute after the ball dropped in Times Square the ads for weight loss products, companies and services began.

Weight loss is big business and big money.

Call me lazy, call me a fatso, but I never get excited for the next diet fad.

Part of it is a personality thing. I am decidedly NOT a jump on the bandwagon type of girl. I’m also not a go to meeting/support group kind of girl. I had a short stint as a Mary Kay lady 18 years ago and I had my fill of rah-rah pep meetings. They are not for me. And weighing-in in front of anyone other than my nurse? No thanks.

I’m also pretty frugal (some call it cheap). I really don’t feel like paying someone to tell me how, or how not to eat.

I’m a cynic. I see many weight loss plans as business plans and not much more.

I love real food.

Face it, I’m fat. But, I’m not necessarily fat because I’m lazy, or I eat too much (I possibly eat too little). Part of my fat is genetic (family pictures don’t lie), hormonal, and age related (40! Yay!)

While I want to be healthier, I’m not willing to give up the good foods that we enjoy in our home. I have no gluten sensitivity, so I’m not going to give up bread. Eggs taste great and are an inexpensive protein source. Dairy foods? Yum! Fruits and veggies? Yes please, pass the avocado!

So, here I am starting 2014 wanting to be more fit and healthy, but not exactly putting weight loss on the top of my priority list. (If it happens, fabulous!)

Rachel’s post, Six Reasons I am NOT trying to Lose Weight this Year  resonated with me. As I read I was nodding my head, yes, yes, yes! Exactly!

Now, since starting my new job last May there have been some negative consequences on my fitness level. I am behind a desk most of the day instead of chasing busy toddlers. I joined and quit a gym because I hated giving up family time to work out (and I really hate leaving my house once I am nice and warm inside!). I sit at my desk and eat too much candy, and I forget to drink water.

I’m addressing my fitness needs.

I know that counting calories does not work for me. Calorie counting puts food in a negative light for me and makes me food obsessive. I know that I don’t have the time or dedication to work-out outside of the home. I know that I love gadgets.

Fit bit flex So, with the help of my Christmas bonus, I invested in a [easyazon-link asin=”B00BGO0Q9O” locale=”us”]Fitbit Flex[/easyazon-link]. This little Star Trek looking bracelet tracks my steps and activity level throughout the day and sends the data to an app on my iPad. I currently have a goal of 10,000 steps per day and if I work out for a half hour I can *just* barely make it, if I work on walking around a little more during my day. (I might also have to do a little 50 step dancing in my bathroom right before bed, so I can get those last few steps in!)

Just Walk DVD

I have joined a Facebook group with some friends and we are each doing Leslie Sansone walking workouts daily for the year. (When I have lost weight in the past, it has been a direct result of me doing these workouts regularly) My current favorite is[easyazon-link asin=”B00D2UMHWO” locale=”us”]Leslie Sansone: Walk It Off in 30 Days[/easyazon-link]. Over the years I have built up a small library of her videos, so I feel like I have workout variety (super important for me).

I’m trying to keep more fruit and vegetables and fewer bags of candy in my office, and I’m working on bringing my lunch to work rather than hitting the drive through.

I feel good about my plan for the year. It seems like something that is sensible, affordable, and a lifestyle that I can really live with!


Chime in! Do you have weight loss or fitness goals for the year? What are they? How have you found the most success in this area? I’d love to hear from you!


When I Grow Up. . .

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be many different things when I grew up. I wanted to be Miss America (Who wouldn’t? Right?), I wanted to be a teacher, Katie Couric, a mom, a famous actress.

I did not want to become a blogger.

Duh. I’m old. When I was growing up there were no bloggers. There were news columnists…which were close to blogging. But I did not want to be one of those. Columnists have to write. I wanted to talk. I hated writing. I loved to talk (my poor mom).

I still love to talk (my poor friends). And since many of my friends live so far away and they screen their phone calls so well, I’ve turned to blogging.

I’ve grown to love writing. That happened sometime between my Freshman and Senior year in college.

Blogging has allowed me to learn things that I never would have learned otherwise. Things like HTML, public relations, harnessing social media, and ahem, a modicum of organization.

Blogging has introduced me to some fabulous people, both local and across the country. Blogging has served as my virtual back fence.

But blogging still catches me off guard. A few months ago I got a Twitter message from young filmmaker, Matt Fern. He told me that he was doing a series of 2-3 minute profiles of North Dakotans and he would like to profile me and my blog. At first I thought that sounded so silly. After all, I’m just a little mom blogger.

But that is silly talk. Everyone has a story to tell. Even mom bloggers.

So I agreed to let Matt step into my life and film me and my family for a bit. Let me tell you, he does some awesome work! My profile was featured today on the Daily Dakotan You Tube Channel. From the reaction of my friends and readers, I am learning that I am achieving one of the goals that I have set for this blog. I am an encouragement for mothers. And I let moms know that it is ok to be less than perfect.

As a result, I’ve been thrust into some great company. . .several of whom are living my childhood dreams!

Like Miss North Dakota, Ariana Walker!

Make sure that you watch all the way to the end and find out how you can help Ariana make it to the top 15 in the Miss America Pageant coming up!

And then there is one of my other childhood dreams. . .

Television News Reporter! Isn’t Kate’s story awesome?

Another one of my fellow bloggers has been featured as well.

My new goal for when I grow up is to take photos half as well as Clint does!

So, what do you think? Don’t I have some of the coolest neighbors ever? I’m very thankful for this fun experience, thankful for the gifts God has given me to share, and thankful for you too. . .the reason I bother to write at all!