How I Re-Entered the Workforce

Reentering workforce A friend recently messaged me, asking how I re-entered the workforce after being a mostly stay at home mom for sixteen years. I was reminded that I’ve been meaning to share this information for a while.

Soon after re-branding the blog, I wrote about lessons I learned since going back to work, but I never really wrote about how I got back to work in the first place.

Going back to work for me had everything to do with timing.

I knew that I was going to look for a new job once the youngest went to school full time. But, when our youngest was entering kindergarten, I was not quite ready to get a full-time job–and, I learned that he was not my youngest child! In January of his kindergarten year we welcomed a set of twins into our already bustling family. Those twins (and their dad and brothers) were my full-time job for the next three years.

When the girls turned three, I began to get restless. Three may be my husband’s favorite age, but it is not mine. The three-year old demands, times two was threatening to push me over the proverbial edge. Meanwhile, my oldest was a Junior in High School. . .college, and the expenses that go with it was sneaking up on me. Continue reading “How I Re-Entered the Workforce”