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Aug 27 2015

Cooking For 8: Frugal School Lunches

I’m writing this on the first day of school here. At home, on my lunch break, in the quiet. (What? Not every working mom goes home to experience just a bit of that quiet house feeling? Well, in the spirit of full disclosure, I also spilled coffee on my white blouse, not once, but twice.) …

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Mar 25 2014

Working Mom Guilt, Easing My Mind

Working Mom Guilt is Real I want you to know, that while I write about the wonderful parts of being a working mother, and the fact that I really do love the direction that my life has taken in the past year, there are still some downsides. Working mom guilt is a harsh reality. Nothing, …

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Mar 08 2012

Random Thoughts

It is my “office” morning today. Once a week a very kind and very patient friend invites the twins over for a playdate and I get two uninterrupted hours to do whatever I want. I’ve gotten into the habit of setting myself up in a corner of a bookshop cafe with my iPad and blogging, …

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Mar 05 2012

Joy on a Monday

If you’ve been reading here for a while (and I hope you have) you may have noticed that last week, I may have been a bit frustrated. As a matter of fact, I was. Dakotapastor even came home and told the girls, “you’ve done it now…you pushed your mom to complain about you all over the …

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Nov 05 2011

My Life by the Numbers

Isn’t if funny how our lives stack up? I may not be where I ever pictured myself, but I’d not trade any of this for the world! Married: 16.5 years Pregnant: 208 weeks (just shy of 4 years) 4 sons 2 daughters 12 years (so far) of diaper changes 87 months breastfeeding (just over 7 …

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