So, What the Heck is Dakotapam Up To?

Well, for starters, I’m working. A lot.

I’m entering in to my very busy fundraising season at work. So I am planning and making phone calls and emails and using all of my social media energy. . .on work. Which is a great thing. I’m working for kids who have an advancing life expectancy–which is so very awesome–but it also means they will need more and more money as the years go on. So I work on raising that money. It is that simple. (and if you feel so inclined to learn more and give–check out the cute little fundraising widget in my sidebar–there is a  great video to help you learn more about the kids and adults that I work so hard for!)

Now the good thing is my fundraisers are FUN, so in some ways, I am planning some pretty fun parties, and I love what I do. BUT, it takes a lot of time and energy.

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Gimme Shelter Review

Based on a true story, GIMME SHELTER is the story of a young girl named Apple (Vanessa Hudgens) who, after running away from an abusive home environment, moves in with her wealthy, wall street father (Brendan Frasier). Soon after moving in to her new home, Apple discovers that she is with child. After being given a grim ultimatum by her father, Apple runs away and is almost killed before being saved by a kind priest (James Earl Jones) who gives her chance at the life – and the family – she never knew could be hers.

I had the privilege of watching a screener of GIMME SHELTER this weekend. I can honestly say, this movie is one that will stick with me for a long time.

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