6 Week Organize All the Things Challenge


Clutter stresses me out.

I’m just going to leave that there.

Does this mean that I have a picture perfect home? Far from it. BUT I have worked out some systems that have made my home a lot more organized and livable. AND I am a work in progress.

This new six-week challenge is geared to make you more comfortable in YOUR home. And I will be walking WITH you to become more comfortable in MY home. (Did you walk with me on my Morning Makeover Challenge?)

So, to start, here are a few things this organization challenge will NOT be:

  • This will not be a step by step prescriptive challenge. As much as I would love to give you guys a step by step approach to systematically make over your home–home organization just does not work that way!
  • This Challenge is a no judgment zone–Your house and routines will be different than mine and mine will be different from yours–and that is A-OK!

What you WILL get from this organization challenge:

  • 6 weeks of blog posts: 2 weeks focusing on decluttering, 2 on organization, and 2 weeks on mindset and routines.
  • At least 12 free printables–including meal planning sheets, closet inventories and instructional sheets for kids completing household chores.
  • A Private devoted Facebook group where we can extend the conversation and share what works.
  • A more orderly home by holiday season!

So, here are your next steps!

  1. If you have not already subscribed to my email list, please do so. I promise never to spam you, but an email reminder is a great way to be nudged to check out new blog posts.  I’ll also have special treats just for members of this challenge!

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  2. Request membership in our private Facebook group! I’ll get you approved ASAP!
  3. Set aside a few hours a week to devote to the assignments.
  4. Grab a shiny new notebook or three-ring binder to document ideas and routines.
  5. Take some before photos of the areas you really want to focus on.
  6. Invite a friend or two to take the challenge with you!

I’m so excited to embark on this journey! See you September 5!



Book Review: How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

How To Manage Your Home Wihtout Losing Your Mind Book Review

Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book, and a Proctor and Gamble Swiffer gift box in order to facilitate my review. I received no their compensation and I was not required to give a list I’ve review. All opinions are my own. 

Confession time: I’m a “Messy”. My husband sometimes uses the word, slob. Sometimes that hurts my feelings.

I’m actually quite an organized person. However, I’m a creative person, so my “organized” looks very diffferent from yours.

The book I’m reviewing today is for people like me. If you have a dedicated system of cleaning your house and your bullet journal is full of daily, weekly, and monthly housekeeping tasks that get regularly checked off–this book is not for you. If your mother-in-law smiles approvingly when she enters your impeccably tidy kitchen–this book is not for you.

If you regularly are hunting for a pair of clean socks for your first grader and your third grader is wearing the dog’s hat–this book is for you. If you have considered paying a neighbor teen to spend a day washing your dishes–this book is for you.

Dana White, AKA Nony the Slob, has been, and still is in your shoes. I have been a reader of A Slob Comes Clean for several years now. Every post that Dana writes leaves me nodding my head and realizing that she writes to a very interesting and needy niche–moms who WANT a clean home, but who also get overwhelmed with the thought of getting it–and keeping it– clean.

So, then, How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind is full of funny, witty, practical wisdom. This meaty (221 pages) book is divided into four sections: I. Reality Check–in which White outlines how your house got to be the way it is. II. (My favorite) Daily Stuff: The Down and Dirty Truth About a Clean House (which includes two whole chapters on my nemesis–laundry!). III. Decluttering: The Down and dirty Truth About All Your Stuff (spoiler alert–decluttering is not a one-off event!) IV. Change that Lasts (because shouldn’t that be our goal?)

One of my very favorite parts of this book is the appendix–it includes the previously released as a stand-alone eBook “28 Days to Hope For Your Home”. I purchased this year ago, and it is really amazing, even in its simplicity. I even give you permission to skip to the appendix, work through the 28 days and then come back and read the book. The 28 days will help form some pretty powerful (and simple) habits the may just jump-start your hopeful mindset.

Honestly, what I love about this book, and some of the downright common sense simplicity found inside, is that Dana White is not a cleaning or organization expert. She is a real mom. A real mom who is struggling just like you to keep afloat. And the message of the book is–yes, there IS hope for your home. It is just going to take work, determination and HABIT!

This book gets my hearty recommendation–and makes it totally worth you reading my confession up above. And yes, this book HAS made a difference in our home. I still have some habits and spaces to tame, but things are a lot less overwhelming now–even laundry!!!

Proctor and Gamble sent me this box full of Swiffer supplies to help me along on my de-slobbification journey!

Buy it: How To Manage your Home Without Losing your Mind is available on Amazon! (Aff link).

Chime in: What is the most overwhelming part of your homemaking? Leave a comment here or on the Facebook page!

Coming Clean in the New Year

I spent Saturday packing away Christmas.

That is always a bittersweet time. When I set up all of the Christmas decorations, I love how warm and cozy my house feels. However, by January 6, I feel like my walls are starting to close in!

Quick tip: I wait to put up our “everyday decorations” for a week or so after putting away the Christmas decorations. This way I make sure that I am only setting up the things we love, not just because those items always sit on that shelf. 

Last month I told you how much I have grown to love ePantry. I hate running out of cleaning supplies. It is not often that I get into a “super great cleaning mood”, and if I do–I don’t want to find out that I am out of my favorite (and great smelling) cleaning products!

When I joined ePantry I answered a few simple questions about my family and my cleaning routines and they set up a great selection of products that will work great for me! I was able to customize it, and now every few months (you can set up monthly shipments too) I get a box of my favorite supplies from companies like Method and Mrs. Meyers delivered right to my door!

ePantry has put together an amazing cleaning kit for my readers! And I am going to tell you how you can get it for FREE (that is my favorite price point!!). Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Kit

This kit features the Casabella cleaning caddy packed with some of my favorite products. It includes Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap, Mrs. Meyers Hand soap, Grove Scrubber sponges and a Grove dish towel.

The cleaning caddy is a great way for you to help achieve your goal of getting more organized in 2016.

If you are anything like me, you have a hodgepodge of cleaning supplies stashed under your kitchen (or bathroom sink). And this is just fine–as long as you are cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom. What if you need window cleaner in the living room or a cleaning spray in the hallway to get toddler smudges off of the wall?  If you stash all of your supplies in this handy caddy, you can tote it with you all over the house, saving you time (and if you are anything like me, saving you from distraction!) Then just stash this caddy under your sink and viola!

Caddy under sink

You are ready to go!

If you have not tried the Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap yet, you are in for a treat. It cuts through our grease and stuck on oatmeal just great, and it has just the right amount of scent. (word to the wise: the Geranium scent is better in theory than in practice). Did you know that hand washing dishes can actually be a form of stress relief? My kids won’t agree, but if it is my turn to do the dishes, I will almost always hand-wash! Between the warm water, the silky feel of the bubbles and the scent of the dish soap, I feel better after I am done than when I started. Don’t believe me? There has even been a scientific study that agrees!

Mrs. Meyers hand soap has also become a favorite. I have been a long-time user of Method foaming hand wash. And, I really do like the Method soap. But the Mrs. Meyers soap seems a bit more substantial and lasts just as long. I try to make sure that we buy hand soap that does not have anti-bacterial agents added. I think our family is plenty healthy without them, and studies are showing that anti-bacterial soaps do more harm than good.  So, it is nice to not have to worry about extra ingredients that we just don’t want or need!

I have a set of Grove scrubber sponges sent to me with every shipment. They may look like ordinary scrubber sponges, but they are anything but! The scrubby part is made of crushed walnut shells. Totally natural, and with great scrubbing power with not a whole lot of elbow grease on my part. I love these silly sponges!

The Grove towel is just nice. And you know you need a new kitchen towel. Go check, I bet you still have towels from your wedding shower stuffed in your drawer. Go look. I’ll be right here waiting.

So, like I said, you can get this awesome kit for FREE!!!! Here is how to do it:

  1. 1. Sign up for ePantry through this link. You’ll receive the Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Kit free when you sign up!

  2. 2. Answer a few quick questions about your family and how clean you keep your home (be honest!). This takes under 30 seconds and ePantry uses your responses to customize your first basket.

  3. 3. Once you’ve answered the questions, you can finalize the basket of products to suit your needs by adding or removing items.

  4. 4. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you want to receive in your first box. (I’m definitely ordering more of the walnut scrubber sponges!)

  5. 5. You made it! Click finish & pay and place your order. (You may wonder what you did without ePantry!)

  6. 6. Stick to your New Year’s resolution with free shipping on your second order. To receive free shipping, make sure you select the free 60 day VIP Trial after you check out.

  7. 7. Already hooked on ePantry? Existing customers click here to get 50% off the Mrs. Meyer’s Cleaning Kit with your next order.

Don’t forget this special offer is only available until Sunday, January 17,  or while supplies last.

Happy cleaning!

“A Mom’s Guide To Home Organization”: Review

A Mom's guide to Home organization

Mom's Guide (1) I tend to head into the new year with a renewed desire to get my household more organized. With six kids and two busy careers, our house can get chaotic. I’m usually the last one to leave the house in the morning, and I often look around at the wake we leave in our paths getting ready and I think, “there has got to be a better way to do this.”

I am not a naturally organized person. I’m a leader, I’m a person who thinks outside of the box, and I tend not to get caught up in the little details.

I’m married to a naturally organized person. I’m sure you can see where the conflict comes in. Continue reading ““A Mom’s Guide To Home Organization”: Review”