Fall: Some of my Favorite Things


I love the change in seasons. Each time the seasons change, I swear that the incoming season is my favorite. I’m blessed, because living in North Dakota guarantees me all four seasons (though sometimes I am cheated out of most of spring!)

Fall may really be my favorite though. It is still warm enough to be outside, but just crisp enough that I can pull out my long pants again, and top them with my favorite University of North Dakota sweatshirt.

Fall While I am not one of those pumpkin spice everything people . . . I do enjoy some actual pumpkin in my food. I love my easy Pumpkin muffins, and my friend Annie Makes the best pumpkin pie ever! But as for my coffee, I increase my consumption in the fall, but I still prefer it with cream and sugar . . . no pumpkin spice!

Fall means cross country meets in our family. It is the most time that I spend on golf courses all year! I cheer for our runners until I lose my voice (and then I drink more coffee!).

Fall also means I get interested in cooking again. I love making soups and stews and letting things simmer all day in the slow cooker while I am at work, but the family does not seem to appreciate soup in the summer.

I like to take long walks in the fall. I so enjoy the changing colors and the nice cool temperatures and the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. A nice autumn walk is a feast for the senses.

My kids HATE raking leaves, but my teen loves packing away the lawn mower for the rest of the year. The little ones love playing in the leaf piles and they make the most of our fall yard work.

Fall means some of my biggest fundraising events for work begin to ramp up, so I find myself busier and busier during the day! All the more reason for heavier coffee consumption (do you sense a theme here?)

Candy corn. Enough said.

I love that even my bigger kids enjoy a family trek to the pumpkin patch. There are always new surprises, and some of our favorite, cherished, family photos have been snapped here!

As much as I love the long summer days, I really appreciate it getting darker earlier in fall, with still enough daylight to play outside, but getting dark just in time to let the little ones know that it really is bedtime. We all sleep better in the fall!

Chime in! What are your favorite things about fall?


Random Thoughts

It is my “office” morning today. Once a week a very kind and very patient friend invites the twins over for a playdate and I get two uninterrupted hours to do whatever I want. I’ve gotten into the habit of setting myself up in a corner of a bookshop cafe with my iPad and blogging, or catching up with correspondence, or just people watching. As a busy mom it is refreshing to know that I get a window of time each week to do whatever I want.

Looking out the window I realize that winter is over. Now, I know that in many places in the country there are already flowers blooming, but this is North Dakota…our winter has the potential to drag into June. This year we have only gotten about 13 inches of snow…and I’m not complaining. I’m pretty sure that next winter we will get slammed! But for now, I’m going to relish the fact that it will be 60 degrees by this weekend. For Dakotapam, that is warm!

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I have read through the first two books of the Hunger Games trilogy and have enjoyed them, but I have to put Mockingjay on hold for now as I’m in the middle of a memoir kick as well. I’m hoping to review them here soon. As an avid people watcher, memoirs are fun for me, I can watch people from a distance.

I’m enjoying the time spent here on the blog lately. I’ve done a bit of housekeeping here, so if there is something you miss or can’t find, or does not work, please let me know. I’m also branching out a bit into advertising. I’d love to help promote family friendly small businesses and while I work out the kinks I’d love to offer a month free for four friends. Two of the slots are filled. During that month I’d like feedback on ad placement and traffic generated. So, readers, feel free to click on my sponsor buttons over on the left there…and if you want to be one of the remaining two guinea pigs, let me know!

Did you watch my Mom Encouragement vlog last week? I’m hoping to have a new one up tomorrow. I asked on the Facebook page what moms wanted to hear about and the response was “tips for getting out of the door on time in the morning”. As a non-morning person, getting up and out on time is not a natural thing for me…but we do have a system, and you can hear about it tomorrow. If you have any tips you would like me to share, leave a comment or shoot me an email! Do you have ideas of what you want to hear about on Mom Encouragement Fridays? Let me know!

Have you entered my Lovable Labels giveaway? It is an easy entry and a great prize! Perfect for siblings, cousins or BFFs! I also have a Techie Thursday review to post later today and there will be a giveaway connected with that as well. I also have a review of one of the memoirs I mentioned earlier…with a copy to give away. You really need to stay tuned!

The girls seem to be a little less whiny and more fun this week, I’m wondering if our whiny week last week was due to a virus or teething? I’m just glad to have my happy girls back!

I’m heading into a four day weekend and I look forward to spending some good time with the older boys. They are ready for spring as well…they have a need to run and jump and get out and burn all of that energy!

Chime in! What have you been up to? Do you have any feedback to share? I’d love to hear from you!