Unexpected Quiet

Quiet Saturday I’ll tell you the definition of irony.

Irony is being wide awake at 7 am on the first Saturday in a long time in which there is nothing planned but laundry.

Today has a vacation-like feel. Christmas break was over on Thursday which gave me a delightful 2 day work-week. We have some sketchy weather moving in (possible blizzard and bitter cold temperatures-cold even for a hardy North Dakotan like myself).

I was feeling ambitious (and perhaps a little clausterphobic) after work yesterday, so I took down the Christmas decorations. Yes, I took down the decor before Christmas was over. In my defense, I hate taking the stuff down, so if I don’t do it while I’m motivated, we will have a Christmas tree dropping needles in my living room on Valentine’s Day. And wow, did this year’s tree drop needles! It also dropped ornaments fairly regularly, so that by the time I was packing up yesterday there was a little pile of ornaments on the windowsill behind the tree.

So, here it sit, in the quiet, with my coffee, and I realize that a little alone time at the start of the weekend is not entirely bad. I can sip my coffee (and for all of my talk of storm prep. . .I’m out of real cream!), and spend some time in God’s Word, and, if I am willing to wake the rest of the family (I’m not), I can get a jump-start on that laundry situation.

Chime in! What do you do when you find some unexpected quiet time in your day (or weekend)? I’d love to hear from you!