So, What the Heck is Dakotapam Up To?

Well, for starters, I’m working. A lot.

I’m entering in to my very busy fundraising season at work. So I am planning and making phone calls and emails and using all of my social media energy. . .on work. Which is a great thing. I’m working for kids who have an advancing life expectancy–which is so very awesome–but it also means they will need more and more money as the years go on. So I work on raising that money. It is that simple. (and if you feel so inclined to learn more and give–check out the cute little fundraising widget in my sidebar–there is a  great video to help you learn more about the kids and adults that I work so hard for!)

Now the good thing is my fundraisers are FUN, so in some ways, I am planning some pretty fun parties, and I love what I do. BUT, it takes a lot of time and energy.

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Catching Up

Today on the Facebook page, I promised you a post. I hate when I’m away from this place too long. This has been my home on the web for over seven years and it has grown and changed with me.

I’ve been a busy girl. Last weekend I travelled up to the still-recovering city of Minot for the state Republican convention. I’m not terribly political on this blog, but I’m sure my right-leaning ways shine through. I love these conventions. They are a bit of a family reunion, and they leave me energized.

My fundraising season at work is ramping up. We’re fielding a charity team at next month’s Fargo Marathon (want to sponsor the boys or I for the 5k?), I have two golf tournaments to plan and run, and then I have to start work on the Turkey Trot by August! I never have a dull day at work, and after one year in, I still love my job! I have stressful days, of course, and things don’t always run as smoothly as I would like at home, but overall, my job gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

In a way, my “day job” is a break from my other job. Take a minute to check out this job interview for the #WorldsToughestJob.

Seriously, if you think about it, my day job is cake compared to my night gig! And, while it treasure my time with the family, I also relish an hour of relative quiet on Monday mornings. By the time five o’clock rolls around, I am beyond ready to greet my family with open arms, refreshed and renewed (and the fact that my job helps pay the bills is a bonus!).

This past week I was extra busy with some church obligations and some extra TLC spent on my other home on the web, I generally spend a fair amount of my evenings on the site and its corresponding (very busy) Facebook page. However, this last week my co-founder and I released a series of posts on vaccines. This is always a fairly heated topic, and we were not shocked at the reaction we received. However, we can both sleep at night now, knowing that our opinion, and therefore the stance of the website are out in the open.

So, that is just a taste of what has been occupying me this past week. Add in a prayer list that seems to lengthen by the day, middle school poster projects, gymnastics practice, family movie nights and tween dance parties to “Happy” (try not to be happy, or not to clap along!)

What have you been up to? Any happy news? Anything to add to my prayer list?