1. I really love this. My daughter is happy to have eggs and such for breakfast, but I have yet to convince my husband to go for anything but cereal. I do love that we sit for a least a few minutes in the morning, though, no matter what they eat. It matters.

  2. This is awesome, and I could see it working for adults too! But you’re right, you have to completely remove the cereal. In my case, if I can make it to work without pulling through the drive-thru, I will eventually eat the healthy breakfast I packed. I’ll need to remember this trick when my wee one starts eating “real” food.

  3. While we never have eaten only cold cereal, we cut it out entirely a few years ago. We homeschool, and I noticed that the kids would be asking for a snack sometimes less than an hour after eating! It seemed my whole morning was taken up with making snacks. And then my boys started growing. They were never satisfied with two bowls full.

    Now we have cereal sometimes. It is a snack food for us, a treat. Breakfast takes longer to prepare. We often don’t eat until 8 am or later, but it’s worth it to me.

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