1. Insightful post! What a challenge it must be to raise completely different kids at that are roughly going through the exact same developmental stage. It’s hard enough keeping up with my ever-changing 2 yr old, but if I had two of them…my mind would explode! I like your tips on disciplining twins, especially the one about consequences for bad behavior not hurting the well-behaving one. Good to remember, even for those of us who only have one but may eventually add a second to the family. My 2 yr old is strong-willed, like me, but I’ve found that patience and a calm demeanor work most effectively. I am also a reforming-screamer. Just doesn’t work and makes both of us very upset 🙁

  2. Duct tape. 😉

    Seriously, though, what I’ve found is that you have to find their currency…what they hate or like the most. For Zach, it’s being alone in his room. For Emma, it’s the loss of a favorite doll or stuffed animal. For Ethan, it’s losing Lego. You have to find the currency.

  3. Common Sense.

    I don’t why any books and counseling haven’t pointed that out. As long you have common sense, you’ll be fine. But then if you have kids running around and screaming, Common sense along with patience is hard to come by. Hehe. So yeah, the next best thing is duct tape as what @Essie said. 😀

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