1. What a great, REAL post. Man…NOT looking forward to those days. All I can think of is “I’m so thankful they aren’t triplets!” HA!

    Each stage is a challenge and a joy isn’t it? If you come up with some totally awesome idea…SHARE it 🙂 Until then…..hugs!

    • Challenges and joys sums it up. I can’t imagine my life without them. . .we’re coming up on two years since the day I found out it was TWINS! My, how my life has changed (mostly for the better) in two short years!

  2. eileen larson

    I used to push the twins double stroller and pull a cart. I did that until they were almost four. I would get so mad the the people who would take time to stop and stare but couldn’t ask if I needed a little help. I once brought a portable DVD player with to set in the twins lap on what I knew would be a long Walmart trip.

    • That would work, possibly. However, Emily. . .the booger. . .hates the stroller too. What kid hates the stroller? Really? I was previously opposed to baby leashes. . .but they look better by the day. Of course that would make me the crazy lady being dragged around the store by hysterically laughing twins. I'm guessing people would PAY to see that!

  3. You have a very wise friend there. And some beautiful children. I wish there were a giant, glowing, flashing neon sign that would lower down from on high whenever it’s meltdown time to remind me of the words in your last paragraph. I’d be a far more patient mother if there were.

    What have they taught me about patience, acceptance, and unconditional love? That I will always fall short of my own wish to give it when I’m being challenged, but they will give it to me whenever I screw up; That it’s okay to screw up sometimes and apologize later; That I could never err in giving them every ounce of patience, acceptance, and unconditional love I can.

  4. The last six months have taught me how selfish I really am and how much more selfless I need to be. Oh, the amount of patience I am learning each day is astounding. As much I am learning about my sons and loving them more each day, I am learning so much also about my strengths and weaknesses.

    • They teach us so much, no? We’ve had a week worth of events that could fill an entire new blog. And yet, I could not love them more. Some days I feel that my heart will burst.

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