Unexpected Quiet

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Quiet Saturday I’ll tell you the definition of irony.

Irony is being wide awake at 7 am on the first Saturday in a long time in which there is nothing planned but laundry.

Today has a vacation-like feel. Christmas break was over on Thursday which gave me a delightful 2 day work-week. We have some sketchy weather moving in (possible blizzard and bitter cold temperatures-cold even for a hardy North Dakotan like myself).

I was feeling ambitious (and perhaps a little clausterphobic) after work yesterday, so I took down the Christmas decorations. Yes, I took down the decor before Christmas was over. In my defense, I hate taking the stuff down, so if I don’t do it while I’m motivated, we will have a Christmas tree dropping needles in my living room on Valentine’s Day. And wow, did this year’s tree drop needles! It also dropped ornaments fairly regularly, so that by the time I was packing up yesterday there was a little pile of ornaments on the windowsill behind the tree.

So, here it sit, in the quiet, with my coffee, and I realize that a little alone time at the start of the weekend is not entirely bad. I can sip my coffee (and for all of my talk of storm prep. . .I’m out of real cream!), and spend some time in God’s Word, and, if I am willing to wake the rest of the family (I’m not), I can get a jump-start on that laundry situation.

Chime in! What do you do when you find some unexpected quiet time in your day (or weekend)? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. carol - January 4, 2014 Reply

    When I have unexpected quiet time, I like to read my bible or curl up with a good book. Stay safe and warm in this cold weather. Its even getting in the mid 20s at night for us here in Houston. That hardly ever happens. I shiver when I see some of the expected temps for us North.

  2. Lisa - January 4, 2014 Reply

    Unexpected alone time usually means I can catch up on some reading – whether news, blogs I like, a book, or whatever. And I definitely enjoy the opportunity to sit and enjoy my entire cup of coffee without anyone (or anycat) asking for something. Aaahhhh…

    Stay warm up there! It’s wickedly cold here, too. We Mid-Atlantic East Coasters don’t do cold and bad weather very well at all, but we’ve had some serious negative temp and really negative windchill stuff the last day or two – and even worse coming in the first part of next week. So glad to have found an awesome winter parka on sale…going to need it!

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