Vacation Time

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Remember when we went camping with @essieburns and family last summer? Well, it has been over a year since I’ve seen my dear friend. We communicate nearly daily, but we only get to squeal in person once a year or so.

This year we are sharing a lake cabin, and we are not exactly roughing it. A dishwasher, washing machine and real beds and indoor plumbing will change the flavor. We will probably take in some side by side blogging, but this time we won’t have to blog by camping lantern in a screen tent.

My return to work has shortened our summer vacation window, but Essie went back to work too. We’re both ex-sahm trying to navigate the work/life balance. So, instead of a week, we’ll share a long, loud weekend.

I’m looking forward to Dakotapastor piloting the Pontoon boat, seeing old friends, visiting our last congregation, and doing touristy things like buying fudge and candy downtown.

When Essie and I lived closer to each other, we would venture out with six little boys, and I think people wondered about our family dynamic. Now we have six BIG boys and have added three little girls to the mix. Now we’ll look like we’re herding kids when we go out!

I’m looking forward to the chance to recharge . . . And I’ll need it, school starts he day after we return home!

Chime in! Do you vacation with friends? What are some of your best friendcation memories?

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  1. Lisa - August 15, 2013 Reply

    Hope you ladies have a wonderful time! 🙂

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