1. KX Rachel

    I am so in love with this idea! I too hate packing lunches and this would make me so happy. I’ll have to discuss with the kiddos and see if this would work for us.

  2. This is great! No lunch at school for my kids for awhile, but I love this idea!
    And I too prefer carrot sticks cut up to baby carrots from a bag! They taste better!!

  3. I don’t have school-aged kids yet, but I LOVE this idea and will keep it in mind for when my kids do start school…or better yet, maybe I’ll try it w/ my husband! This would be WAY cheaper than eating out at lunch every day!

  4. I made sandwiches ahead of time last year, with a loaf of bread at a time, and put them in the freezer. I take them out every morning and they’re thawed by lunch time. Makes lunch making so much easier. I’m going to look for those sub buns at Sam’s though, Zach LOVES turkey subs.

  5. I love this…I have 6 kids also and I do the same thing. I just don’t give them a choice because they change their minds too much. You get mother of the year! 😀 That is so funny though when I read this because I hate doing lunches in the summer too!

  6. Sue

    My kids are grown, so there’s just me! And I hate to cook. Opening a can of cat food for my kitties’ dinners is about all I want to do in an evening! I like the idea of fixing lunches for myself a week ahead. I really do have to do it at least the evening before, or I don’t have time. And I DO like baby carrots!

  7. Great idea, Pam! I am going to have to be packing one kid’s lunch daily and it sure would be nice to be able to have two at home to grab easily for the little ones, too.

    Love the idea of the premade snack packs and cut fruit/veggies. Must get on this, pronto!

  8. lissa

    Great ideas!! I was a hot-lunch Mom most of last year, but so far this year the boys are wanting to take cold lunch. I need a system to make it faster, instead of scrambling the morning before the bus comes. 😉

    Averie is doing hot lunch at middle school.

    • Yep, my Middle and high school kids do hot lunch. The elementary kids like cold lunch because then they can eat faster and get to recess quicker. Which is good, because they have A LOT of energy to burn off!

      William likes the subs at the middle school.

  9. I used the make ahead type system when my children were home. When i had little ones at home we even made their lunch and put it in their lunch box so they could be just like the big kids. We lived near the school and dd cold tell by the bells when lunch time was so she would go get her lunch out and eat her along with her snack for being good. Even put little prizes, zippy straws, stickers etc in the lunch boxes when I had time to shop someplce other than the for food.

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