What Every Working Mom Needs: A Vacation

Take a vacation

We just got back from a much needed family vacation.

Pastor’s families have to get a little creative with vacation time. Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter just don’t work for us. Summer gets super busy with sports, theatre, scout camps, and major fundraisers for my work (we still sneak away for one vacation in summer!)

Our family has found that Washington’s Birthday is a perfect chance to get away!

This year was my first time orchestrating a fairly major one-day online giving event for work. But as soon as the online clock wound down, I packed up the family and we headed out for a few days at a friend’s lake cabin in the woods.

Nevermind that we went from cold and snowy to colder and snowier. A vacation does not have to be tropical to count. (The truth is, unless there were some really fun hikes involved, a tropical vacation would be no fun for me. I hate laying in the sun, and am not a fan of heat or sweat. Bring on the snow!)

We simplified our meal plans, and I brought one too many books to read (I got halfway through one–review next week!) The kids played int he snow, played a few games of scrabble, ( “mom, is ‘yo’ a word?”), and drank far too much soda. By re

moving work pressures form our schedule, my husband and I got to enjoy some conversation, some laughs and even a whole lot of comfortable silence. (I border on introverted, silence on vacation is great!)

I will admit that I did check and respond to work emails while on vacation. To me, it is a whole lot easier to deal with a few little emails a day rather than return to work to an overflowing in-box.

We all went to bed surprisingly early for a family of night-owls (fresh air can be exhausting), slept in a little (does 8 am count?) and enjoyed delicious breakfasts cooked by my amazing short-order cook of a husband!

I was able to catch up with a dear friend, I messaged my pal Essie nightly (she was supposed to join us–which would have made nights much later!), and I even crashed a wedding in order to catch up with another friend!

All in all, I returned home yesterday relaxed, renewed and ready to hit the world head-on! And that is a good thing; I’m heading into my crazy-busy full-on-fundraising season at work! (I’ll surface again in December!)

Think you can’t fit in a vacation? Here are some tips:

  • Something is better than nothing. You may not be able to go on a two week escapade, but you may be able to fit in a 3 day escape. Look at your calendar, and your children’s calendars and see where you can carve out some time.
  • Home Share.Trade your home with a friend in another region. Cheaper than a hotel, and often close to other friends or acquaintances.
  • Underplan. My favorite part of vacation is time spent just sitting and reading or catching up on a movie.
  • Just do it! There is no perfect time nor a perfect vacation location. Time away with your family without the stressors of home and work is what makes a vacation so renewing!

Chime in! How do you get away? Do you have family vacation tips to share? I’d love to hear from you!

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Written by Dakotapam
I'm a Lutheran pastor's wife and mom to six kids, including young adult sons down to 8-year old twin daughters. My life is sometimes normal, and sometimes crazy; but through it all, I know that I am blessed! Some people say that I have my hands full, I prefer to call it living life with both hands full, and I love it!