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As a busy working mom, I feel like I am working on *something* all of the time.I try not to be busy for the sake of being busy, but I also am on a continuous quest to be a lifelong learner.

In an effort to keep track of what slow process I seem to make, I’ll share my progress on Fridays. Indulge me, and feel free to write about what you are working on too!

    • I’ve begun implementing a Power Hour at the beginning of my work day and I think I will add one to my after dinner time at home. It is helping me to get a lot of the piddly correspondence and “boring” tasks out of the way so I can get down to good, focused work the rest of my work day.
    • I’m re-reading Social Media for Social Good, because every time I read it I find new, actionable steps to take during my work day. I’m even taking a lot of notes. . .old school style. Since implementing my “Power Hour”, I have more time to really put these tips to work. I’m hoping to focus on one business book a week. . .even if I don’t fully digest a whole book a week.
    • I’m crocheting. A lot.  I’m working through a few Craftsy courses and am making good progress on my second incarnation of the “stripey afghan”. This particular afghan is a portrait of why many of my crafting ventures fall flat. I don’t do easy things. I scoff at “beginner level” projects. My first crochet project was a hat for goodness sakes. So, I fell in love with this (huge) blanket on Pinterest. I loved that it was a million colors, so I would not get bored, and that it featured many stitches–so I could learn as I went. But a few rows in, and I realized that it was not written in a way that my beginner crochet mind could comprehend. So I switched to this pattern. It went better. There were some rows that I just could not seem to get a grip on (I’m looking at you chevron stripe!). I thought I was doing a great job until I realized–about 50 rows in– that I was dropping several stitches per row. So my afghan was narrowing at an alarming rate. I just set it aside. I watched that Craftsy beginning crochet class (Crochet Basics and Beyond) so that I could undo some of my bad habits. I worked on some granny squares. I cleaned up my foundation rows. And then I saw this pattern for a (smaller, simpler) stripey afghan in my email. I’m giving it a go. . .and I’m counting my stitches. I’m about 45 rows in and it looks pretty nice. I did have to do some substituting. I got confused by the wedge picot rows and did not think to look them up on youtube while I was working them, so ripped them out and subbed for granny rows (mostly because those are Emily’s favorite!). I did find this great tutorial on the wedge picot though and will be adding those in at the next repeat!

    • I’m still lightening up my cooking though the kids hardly notice it. I’m always a fan of real food and love that this cookbook insists on real food and not loads of artificial sweeteners and the like. My cooking HAs gotten a bit late and lazy as this seems to be the season that kid activities and concert etc. ramp-up.
    • I’m reading The Wedding Gift by Marlen Suyapa Bodden as my current fiction book. And yes, it is March’s book club read. and I’m STILL reading it because my fiction reading is at bedtime. . .say no more. It is a well-written and thought-provoking book, however, and well worth my time.
    • We watched The Good Dinosaur with the kids this week and they enjoyed it. It was fun, it was sweet, and the Pixar animation was gorgeous. My 14-year-old Pixar fan was entranced!
    • I’m working on rounding out my spring wardrobe. I’m using the handy ebook from classyyettrendy.com as my inspiration. I love the classy simplicity and limiting the colors in my wardrobe so that everything works together. I still have a few little things ai am looking for, and I am not limiting my wardrobe to this capsule, but it is a great jumping-off point for me!

    So, what are YOU working on? Tell me in the comments or leave a link to your work in progress post!

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    Written by Dakotapam
    I'm a Lutheran pastor's wife and mom to six kids, including young adult sons down to 8-year old twin daughters. My life is sometimes normal, and sometimes crazy; but through it all, I know that I am blessed! Some people say that I have my hands full, I prefer to call it living life with both hands full, and I love it!