1. Karrie

    I believe that picture was from late Sept. 2005. It was my first year at the retreat. Yes, Leah had some interesting questions she asked of us.Honest assessments – that's me and you too, Pam.

  2. Ethan, Zach, and Emm

    That wasn't your first year was it Karrie? I thought we went the year before, too–when Zachie was along. I think this picture was in 2006, because I didn't have Zachie with that time.

  3. Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom

    Girlfriends can tell you when you're pregnant, even though you don't really know yourself! 😉

  4. Karrie

    I know my first year was 2005. Ward was born in 2004, and I did not go that year. Maybe that pic was from 2006. Seems like I've known her longer than that. Ok, so Pam and Esther are right about the date. LOL.

  5. Nancy

    Some of my girlfriends from college offered to drive me to my grandparents (90 miles away) since I had been called and told by my mom that my grandma was probably going to die and I was very upset but wanted to drive myself-they followed me the whole way to make sure I got there alright-what great friends!! My grandma didn't die either-she lived almost four more years.

  6. Ewe

    When was the photo taken? Leah is my best friend from college. I don't have any girlfriends that live by me-but I have lots of long distance girl friends, and they are ones that are willing to take a phone call any time.

  7. Ewe

    Leah came to my house in September of 2005 and she didn't say anything about going to the retreat. Sorry to start such a debate about the photo date. I knew the photo couldn't be too recent to get all of you together. Leah does actually have e-mail. Write to me offlist if you want her e-address. I keep praying for them to be blessed with a baby too.

  8. Karrie

    What a great post!!! Thanks for being such a wonderful and true girlfriend to me, Pam. Love you!

    P.S. Love that photo. Who's the cute girl next to you?? HHFF.

  9. Dakotapam


    That photo was at a pastor's wives retreat at Lutheran Island Camp in 2006? I think it was three years ago…things get fuzzy. It is a funny story though. MAtt told me, "Oh, by the way, I talked to another wife, and she is new to the district and I told her she could ride with you and Karrie and Esther."

    I was a bit perturbed, as I was afraid that if she was a "dud" we'd be stuck in a van with her for nearly 2 hours each way. Needless to say, our fears were in vain and I think Leah had us laughing hysterically within five minutes of meeting her…perhaps it was asking my friend Jamie if she did anything "special" to get pregnant. That weekend netted some other really funny Leah pictures, including one with twizzlers Pull and Peel!

    Sometimes even your husband can find you a good girlfriend!

    I miss Leah, I'm going to have to look her up and send her a snail mail letter…she does not do technology, you know:)

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