1. Recently my 6 year old has been very clingy and wanting more and more time with Mama by himself. I think sometimes it has to do with a phase they go through and less to do with what else mom does. That should make you feel better that even a kid with a SAHM complains that he doesn’t have enough time with Mom! I have tried to spend more one on one time with him, especially physical touch like back rubs while I read to him, hoping it helps. I have a lot with 3 boys different ages doing different activities and I’m sure you have even more with more kids and more activities. Balancing is difficult for women whether they work outside the home or not.

  2. As a kid, I hated it when my mom went to work. My dad would work during the day and my mom would work at night. She was never there to read me bed time stories or tuck in me in at night. However, I completely understood that she needed to work to pay the bills. We would have been homeless if she didn’t work.

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