Working Mom Realities: Days Off

Take time

Back when I was a stay at home mom, I had busy days, and days when I had a lot less structure to my days. When I went back to work, the first year was HARD. All of a sudden, I lost all of my discretionary time. Plus, when I was home, I felt guilty if I did anything other than spend time with the kids or clean the house.

Now I’ve been at my job for over a year and a half. I know the ropes, we’ve renegotiated some of the household duties, and the kids have gotten just a little bit older and more independent.

I also battled with a serious bout of loneliness. Since then, I’ve learned to take some more time out for myself, and things that I enjoy, even if it does still make me feel guilty and more than a little self centered. But, I’m a better mom (and a better fundraiser) for it.

So today, on the last day of the year, I’m sitting, in my pajamas, with a big carafe of coffee by my side.  I am doing one of the things I love best. . .writing. I’m likely to get a month of blog posts written today (I’d not want to overwhelm you all at once!)

There is plenty I could be doing. There are always dishes to wash and laundry to fold. There is meal planning to do and decluttering to begin. But for today, for this morning, it is coffee and writing. I don’t get many days like this anymore; so I will revel in the background noise of a pair of fours counting down to a fifth birthday, the snoring of four tweens and teens, and the hum of the washing machine that I did take the time to load. and I will type to my heart’s content.

Chime in! What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

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  1. I love your writing. And I love days off where I do nothing. I have four wonderful ones ahead of me, and I plan to do much of the same. And also, I love you. Happy New Year, friend.

  2. Before I can relax, I HAVE to vacuum the floor. After that is done, my favorite thing is to watch movies that of all things make me cry!!!!

  3. I think right now my best day-off pleasure would have to be reading something on my always huge pile. Reading for pleasure is something I let slip too far down the list for too long. Now that I’m working from home and life has changed, I find I’m able to start thinking about doing it regularly again.
    Happy, healthy new year to you and all of your family!

  4. Envious of your free time, enjoy! Whilst I don’t want to wish my life away, I do look forward to the days when the kids are a bit older and I can read a book, take pictures or write a blog post without 101 interuptions.

  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing your insights as a mom. As a mom of two babies, I also struggle between taking care of my babies and working from home. But when I get some free time, i really love to read good books and watch some inspiring old movies.

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