1. My advice: Even if you’ve been a SAHM for years and years, don’t sell yourself short. You have skills. Skills you’ve gained after years of mothering. Those years sitting in a chair cuddling and reading with my children have paid of in a children’s librarian job that I LOVE. Think of the book The Help: “You is kind, You is smart, You is important.” You matter, and you will matter to someone who wants to employ you.

    • This so, so true! It took me a bit to be able to toot my own horn and sell my skill set. It turns out that my years as a stay at home mom paid off well. I had experience in event planning with volunteering with MOPS and church events, I had valuable social media and business skills from working on my blog. I even picked up learning PhotoShop while I was on bed rest!

  2. Great resource! Since I transitioned from the “traditional” workforce into owning my own business – one of the areas I’m always on the lookout for is professional development. I’ll check this out!

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