How Noom Helps me Stay Grounded During Uncertain Times

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I think at least once a day I say, “We are living in strange times.”. That is my code word for the crazy that is the Spring of 2020.

In the past three months I have coached four kids (including a high school senior) through the wild world of distance learning. I transitioned to working from home, and now I am transitioning back to the office. (I have learned that I’d actually prefer a melding of the two modes!). I’ve navigated our family through a toilet paper shortage. (It was never a real shortage here, because as a household of six, we try to stock up ALL of the time). We had almost two months of church at home.

And, I cooked a lot! My husband jokes that during the quarantine the rest of the world was forced to live the way that our family chooses to live much of the time–simple living, eating at home, cooking from scratch.

Many of my friends are lamenting the “Quarantine 15”– the fifteen pounds gained from eating Depression Cake, homemade sourdough bread, and all of the panic-purchased quarantine treats.

I am happy to say that my jeans still fit! They may even be a little loose!

Lose Weight For Good With Noom

Thanks to sticking with the Noom program that I began back in October, and the unwavering support of my coach, Erin, I was able to maintain my 24 pound weight loss. I’d love to say that I’ve lost weight during this time–but I DID consume an awful lot of sourdough bread! At this point, I’ll take maintaining weight loss.

I have always said that working with Noom is so much more than weight loss. I’d almost say that weight loss is a side-benefit of the Noom program. I view Noom as a wellness program, getting the root of why I do and think the way I do. Thanks to the skills I have picked up over the past 6 months, I am able to roll with the punches. Rolling with the punches is a VERY important global pandemic skill!

Through using Noom I have learned to build good habits. I’ve learned to reward myself (and my family) with non-food rewards. I have worked on adding more physical activity in my day–to benefit myself physically and mentally!

I still have many pounds to go. But, honestly, even if I can maintain where I am now I would be happy. I feel great and I think I look good! I can keep up with and enjoy my kids. I don’t even hide behind them in photos anymore! That alone is a huge win!

My friends have asked me about my experience with Noom and I always heartily recommend it. However, here are a few things Noom is not:

  • Noom is NOT a prescriptive diet plan. While it does offer guidelines, and food logging is a major part of the program, you will not find a handy list of what to eat each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For me, this is a great thing, I am a super picky eater and most diet meal plans are full of things like salmon and sweet potatoes that I just don’t care for.
  • Noom is NOT a home workout plan. While the program will suggest workouts that will fit your lifestyle, it is up to you to find ways to put movement into your life. Again, I see this as a plus. Movement should be a holistic lifestyle change. What works for you may not work for me. And I may not even enjoy the workout you enjoy (my husband LOVES going to the gym and lifting weights, but the weight room makes me feel like an insecure middle school kid). I have found what works for me (a combination of walking, yoga, and ballet) and my current plan feels very sustainable.
  • If you do not enjoy some introspection, journaling, and thinking a little outside the box, Noom may not be for you. Pyschology is at the heart of the Noom program.

I appreciate that Noom has been a steady 10 minutes of my day during very uncertain times. It never skipped a beat and I did not even have to change a bit–unlike just about every other part of my day these past three months. I did not have to find a “new normal”–Noom has just been normal from the start!

You have nothing to risk.

Try Noom’s 14 Day Trial!

But you just may find a bright spot during these strange times.

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