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How Noom Helps me Stay Grounded During Uncertain Times

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I think at least once a day I say, “We are living in strange times.”. That is my code word for the crazy that is the Spring of 2020.

In the past three months I have coached four kids (including a high school senior) through the wild world of distance learning. I transitioned to working from home, and now I am transitioning back to the office. (I have learned that I’d actually prefer a melding of the two modes!). I’ve navigated our family through a toilet paper shortage. (It was never a real shortage here, because as a household of six, we try to stock up ALL of the time). We had almost two months of church at home.

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So, I Did a Thing. Want to Follow my Noom Journey?

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It is no secret that I am a bigger girl. I love food. I love coffee with lots of floofy stuff in it. I have names for all of my gummy bears. BUT, I’m also a wife, and a mom to six wonderful human beings.

I need to be a good steward of this relatively healthy body that God has given me.

I’ve known for a (long) while that something has to give. Perhaps the best motivation is being married to a guy who lost 30 pounds, totally on his own, with controlling his diet and working out a lot. He looks great. Better yet–he FEELS great.

I would like that for myself. But I have a LOT of excuses.

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