Crowd Pleasing Italian Wedding Soup

One of my favorite soups to make for a church soup supper is Italian Wedding Soup. The chicken broth-based soup is kid-friendly, and the meatballs add a heartiness, which makes this a main dish soup. Add in the veggies and Italian Wedding soup is a nutritional powerhouse! This particular recipe makes enough to serve 12 adults. However, it is easily doubled or even tripled! What is Italian Wedding Soup? Most traditional Italian Wedding Soup Recipes call for spinach. Spinach does taste great in this soup, but it tends to…


Instant Pot 101: Get Started on the Right Foot!

What is an Instant Pot? Is it for me? Where can I find one? I remember when my mom got our first microwave.  It was a revolutionary kitchen appliance that promised full meals in minutes- everything from a popcorn snack to a turkey dinner with chocolate cake for dessert.  It promised mothers everywhere that their days of slaving away in the kitchen were over. (Granted, those cakes didn’t turn out that great. And that turkey? But, still! You didn’t have to turn on the oven!) Why am I thinking…


How to Make Hard Boiled Eggs Two Ways

Hard-boiled eggs are a busy family snack staple! Eggs are a fantastic, inexpensive protein source and are SO versatile. I like to boil up a big batch of hard boiled eggs every Saturday after picking up my groceries. If I start them right when I get in the door, they can be done and cooling by the time I am putting away all of the food! Both of these methods are fool proof! Stove Top Hard Boiled Eggs Fill a large saucepan with tap water. Gently add your eggs.…


What’s For Dinner? Turkey Chili Taco Soup Recipe

Tonight I had the whole crew plus one of the young adults home for dinner. I wanted something quick and hearty. One of my favorite meal planning tools is Plan to Eat. This handy website subscription enables me to store all of my recipes, and schedule them into a handy calendar interface AND generates a shopping list for me. I often will plan out my meals for the week knowing that I may switch around the order that I prepare meals, but it also ensures I have all of…


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