I’ve been pretty quiet here lately. Mostly because, like the rest of America–and, quite frankly, the WORLD, I’ve been busy working from home, homeschooling kids (and yes, I know, I know, not REALLY homeschooling, but whatever), and managing our household.

I’ve always cooked for a small crowd. When all of the “kids” lived at home, I was cooking for eight. Now I’m down to cooking for six.

The difference now, is that I cam cooking FULL TIME for six. The kids are not eating lunch at school, and the teens are home for dinner every night. And, while take-out is readily available, it has never really been a natural part of our family dining.

In short, I am spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Our quarantine food has been good. (I’m also using the word quarantine VERY loosely. North Dakota has never been under stay at home orders from the government, but we are all exercising care and concern for our neighbors and are mostly just navigating this strange time as best we can.)

Our eating has run the gamut from total comfort food to total health food, and generally settles somewhere in the middle.

I am trying to minimize trips to the grocery store, but with six of us–and four eating adult portions, a weekly trip is necessary. I plan meals for the week–but I got wise to assigning days to those meals–because my kids began holding me to it–“Hey mom, you made tacos, but the menu says we were supposed to have burgers.”. It can be difficult to live in my house sometimes!

Which brings me to my project.

The original cookbook, featuring my grandma’s “Chop Chop Potatoes”

In 2002 I put together a cookbook of family recipes (mostly classics from my grandma and her generation) for my cousins. My friend Iris cooked up one of the recipes (she is a food stylist and food photographer and all-around a great artist) and photographed it for the cover.

My kids have cooked from this cookbook, I refer to it often, and I love it. BUT, my cousins are all grown up and married now, and have kids of their own, and have added new recipes to their family menus. I decided that during this time at home, I want to work on updating this collection.

One of the drawbacks of the first cookbook is that it was formatted by me–and I did not do a super great job. So, I want to update that. I decided that to start with, I would start adding recipes to this site–with photos. The benefit is that all of my family and friends can quickly look all of them up. Then, once I have everything added online, I can work on getting a nice copy made.

So, there we are. In short, I’m spending this time cooking more–and hopefully documenting the foods I cook. And YOU reap the benefits 🙂

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