Spring Cleaning for the Busy Working Mom

When we were first married, spring cleaning was easy. My husband was in graduate school, we had no children (and eventually just one) and we lived in a teeny, tiny apartment. Some spring cleaning tasks never even occurred to me. We moved once a year, on average, so by the time things started to get grimy, we would move! Fast forward some 15 years. We have been in our home for nearly 12 years (this is the longest I have lived ANYWHERE in my entire life!). Spring cleaning really…


Instant Pot 101: Get Your Accessories!

An Instant Pot is great. Instant Pot Accessories supercharge your pressure cooker! Read on to find out what the must-haves are for your new Instant Pot! It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with my pot. Every recipe I find, I wonder if I can convert it for my Instant Pot.  “But can I make it in my Instant Pot?” is a constant question. The answer to that question is yes, you can convert most recipes, but you might need some accessories. So yeah, I'm a…


Instant Pot 101: Split Pea Soup Recipe

Split Pea Soup is an ideal first soup recipe to prepare in the Instant Pot. The ingredients are easily accessible and the soup comes together in under an hour! Welcome back to Instant Pot 101!  I hope your first week of cooking with your Instant Pot went well.  I know that my family has enjoyed hard boiled eggs this week. My daughter was thrilled to try chicken noodles and it is her new favorite food! As a Lutheran wife, it is ingrained in me that the Lenten season is…


Instant Pot 101: A Successful Start

Or: Take that Dang Instant Pot Out of the Box! So you did it.  You clicked “buy now” on that Instant Pot on Amazon.com.  Your brand new and shiny Instant Pot arrived on your front step and you excitedly brought it inside.  You set it on your counter, stood back, looked at it and said, “WHAT NOW?” There are SO many people out there that stop at that very step.  The act of opening that box and plugging in the Instant Pot is so daunting, they leave it in…


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